Our Services over the years include

ABB Robotics Products AB, Västerås, Sweden
  • Seminars on FMECA
  • Organisation and launching of a reliability improvement program for industrial robots
  • Safety analyses of industrial robot application
  • Development of testing strategies for industrial robots
ABB Henschel, Mannheim, Germany
  • General consulting in reliability matters
  • Seminar on reliability and Life Cycle Cost
ABB Power Systems, Västerås, Sweden
  • General and company specific courses on reliability and LCC
  • Reliability, Availability, RCM and LCC-analyses for Static Var Compensation Systems (SVC)
  • Tendering work
  • Evaluation of operating experience
  • Development of a "cost-effective" and rapid analysis and tendering process
ABB Scandia A.S, Randers, Denmark
  • Reliability Engineering activities and Life Cycle Cost Analysis.
  • Preparation of tender documents for Scandia bids (RAMS and LCC)
ABB Transportation (Business Area - World Wide)
  • Member of working group on Life Cycle Cost Efficiency
  • Specialist on Tools for Reliability and Life Cycle Cost Analysis and reliability data
Alstom Power; Norrköping, Sweden
  • Responsible for RAM & LCC in the Oskarshamn 3 PULS-project.
Atlas Copco Controls; Stockholm, Sweden
  • Evaluation and improvement of design control and production processes.
Banverket, Borlänge, Sweden
  • Development of national and regional maintenance strategies
  • Development of uniform Item Designation System adapted to the needs of the maintenance organisation
  • Safety analyses for the Regional ERTMS, ESTER, EOS and EMIL projects
  • Development of Hazard Log tool for use in ERTMS projects
  • Moderator and analyst leader in the ERIS project. (ERTMS Risks In Sweden)
  • Project Leader of the ERIS project
  • Responsible for the Safety Control of the Swedish ERTMS Programme
  • Responsible for the Approval Process for the ERTMS Programme and Regional project
  • Safety analyses of turnouts with special focus on position indication
Banverket, Sundbyberg, Sweden Hallsberg marshalling yard
  • Responsibility for all reliability and LCC work
  • Development ofmaintenance plans and maintenance budgets
  • Production of technical documentation
  • Responsibility for document specifications and review
  • Procurement of maintenance
Banverket, Citybanan, Stockholm
  • Responsibility for Requirement Management within the project
  • Development of project specific models for reliability and maintainability as well as specification of related goals
  • Interpretation and realization of TSD requirements
Banverket, Citytunneln, Malmö
  • Development of maintenance model, maintenance plan and budget
  • Specification of Maintenance Management System
Barsebäck Kraft AB, Barsebäck, Sweden
  • Project manager for update of probabilistic risk analysis for Barsebäck nuclear power plant.
Bombardier Transportation AB (Signalling Division), Stockholm, Sweden
(former Adtranz/ABB Signal AB)
  • Evaluation of the Taiwan ATP Reliability Demonstration Test and definition of a Reliability Improvement Programme
  • Evalutation of company qualifications and future needs in the area of reliability, LCC and safety.
  • Evaluation of operating experience of signalling equipment
  • Reliability analysis of signalling equipment
  • Fault tree analysis of signalling equipment
  • Three day courses on reliability and LCC
Bombardier Transportation Sweden, Västerås, Sweden (former Adtranz and ABB Traction AB)

Working with Bombardier Transportation Sweden has been a long term engagement (1986 - ) covering a number of different areas and projects of which X2000 is the outstanding example. X2000, the Swedish High Speed Train Project. The X2000 project has been very complete with regard to RAMS activities(Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety). The total effort spent by Logistica is in excess of 40 man-years (as of late 2005). Our work includes full responsibility for the RAMS and LCC activities during the years 1986 - 1990, after which we have given our support in a less formal way. In addition to the normal analysis work the work has included:

  • Organisation, planning and management of the RAMS work
  • Establishment of a reliability section and training
  • Development and implementation of reliability engineering procedures
  • Development of computer codes for RAMS and LCC analysis
  • Development of standards for documentation
  • Development of purchasing specifications (with regard to RAMS)
  • Spare parts provisioning
  • Safety analyses
  • Reliability, maintainability and LCC verification
  • Project management

In addition to the X2000 project, Logistica Consulting has, over the years, been involved in a large number of different activities and projects within Bombardier. Some of these are referenced below:

Arrow III, Refurbishment of New Jersey Transit EMUs (New Jersey, USA)

  • Responsibility for all RAMS activities

Baltimore Light Rail Vehicle (Baltimore, USA)

  • Responsibility for all RAMS activities

C20, Stockholm Metro (Stockholm, Sweden)

  • Tendering work
  • Reliability and LCC analyses
  • Safety analyses
  • Development of maintenance plan and maintenance procedures
  • Development of an electronic spare parts catalogue
  • Verification of functional reliability, maintainability and Life Support Cost

OTU, The Oresund Train Unit (Sweden, Denmark)

  • Tendering work
  • Reliability and LCC analyses
  • Safety analyses
  • Reliability and maintainability verification
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical project leader for modification programme

Izmir LRV Safety Study (Izmir, Turkey)

  • Safety analysis of the Total Rail System at Izmir
  • Development and execution of Training Programs

 ADtranz product liability program

  • Development of analysis procedures
  • Development of product liability program and procedures
  • Member of the product liability advisory board
  • Safety analyses of brake systems


  • Development of computer codes for RAMS and LCC analysis.
  • Participation in the production of a large number of tender documents for different rail project throughout the world (RAMS and LCC).
  • Development of ILS programs
  • Development of diagnostic systems
Bombardier Transportation Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal

Long term involvment in RAM, LCC and Safety activities for different projects in Portugal (1999-2002).

  • Reliability and LCC analyses
  • Safety analyses
  • Development of maintenance plans and maintenance procedures
Botnibanan, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Long term involvment in RAMS, LCC Documentation, testing and comissioning activities of the Botniabanan Project. New railway from Nyland to Umeå in northern Sweden (2002 - ).

  • Development of LCC and documentation requirements in the procurement process
  • Development of strategy for operation and maintenance of Botniabanan
  • Evaluation of the new European standards for interoperability
  • Development of testing specifications (FAT and SAT)
  • Development of programs and plans for safety in ERTMS project
  • Procedures for evaluation of technical requirements in procurement
  • Incorporation of LOU (Lagen om Offentlig Upphandling) in procurement process
  • Development of Verification and Validation process and requirements
  • Development and Requirement Management procedures and tools
  • Development of Safety Strategy for the main Botniabanan project as well as the ERTMS project
  • Managing the Approval Process of Botniabanan, i.e. formal responsibility for getting Botniabanan approved by the Swedish Railway Agency
Dellner Couplers AB, Falun, Sweden
  • Reliability Engineering activities and Life Cycle Cost Analysis.
  • Development of working procedures for and integration of RAMS and design work
Duroc AB, Umeå, Sweden
  • Development of computer tool for analysis of "Customer Value". The Code called "Duroc ValueKey" is based on the Logistica software "Ramslog"
Ericsson Radio Systems, Kumla, Sweden
  • Seminars on reliability and FMECA (production lines)
Euromaint AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Safety analysis of Biogas fuelled train and workshop for it
Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV), Stockholm, Sweden
  • Seminars on Life Cycle Cost
GKN Power Company, Dodewaard, Netherlands
  • Bid evaluation for Probabilistic Risk Analysis update project
  • Review of updated Probabilistic Risk Analysis
HSG Development KB, Stockholm, Sweden(owned by ABB, Volvo Flygmotor & Vattenfall)
  • Development of a Life Cycle Cost model for the HSG Power Package (HSG= High Speed Generation)
  • Development of purchasing specifications (reliability and LCC part)
Höganäs AB, Höganäs, Sweden
  • Risk and Safety analysis of production lines
International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria
  • Member of the International Peer Review Team for the Doodeward Probabilistic Risk Assessment study in Holland.
InterspiroAB, Sweden
  • FMECA for smoke diving equipment
  • Course on FMECA
  • Participitation in development team for new smoke diving equipment
  • General consulting on Life Cycle Cost matters.
ITT FlygtAB, Sweden
  • Development of monitoring system for product reliability and LCC
  • FMEA and evaluation of Project Risks
  • Design reviews
Jernhusen VerkstäderAB, Sweden
  • Study of the need for workshop capacity in southern Sweden for regional trains. Both in the short term and long term perspective.
  • Further study of depot and workshop dimensioning, suitable sites and traffic co-ordination
Network Rail, London, United Kingdom
  • Development of Life Cycle Cost models for existing signalling systems as well as for future ERTMS systems. Cost comparisons of different investment strategies.
Norba Partek AB, Sweden
  • Life Support Cost Improvement Programme of present products
  • Seminars on Reliability, Life Cycle Cost and Design Control
  • Development of program for feedback of operating experience
  • Participation in development team for new refuse vehicles
Normetro, Oporto, Portugal

Long term involvement in RAM, LCC and Safety activities of the Normetro Project in Oporto, Portugal (1999-2003).

  • Resident RAMS engineer (1999 - 2003)
  • Responsibility for overall reliability and LCC work
  • Development of maintenance plans and maintenance budgets
  • Responsibility for reliability verification
Railtrack (through Bechtel Ltd), London, United Kingdom

Long term involvement in the Thameslink 2000 Project (Refurbishment and modernisation of the Thameslink Railway in London). (2000 - 2003)

  • Systems Safety Manager" (responsible for review and approval of all contractor supplied safety analysis)
Sala International AB, Sala, Sweden
  • Seminars on product liability.
  • Seminars on the EC safety requirements for machinery and EC certification of SALA products.
SwedishState Power Board, Stockholm and Forsmark, Sweden
  • Seminars on Life Cycle Costing in large scale power plant projects.
  • Evaluation and optimisation of maintenance in the Forsmark 1 and 2 nuclear power plants.
  • Seminar on risk management during international establishment in the electric power industry
SJ AB Stockholm, Sweden
  • Alfa interregional Train Project. Responsibility for RAMS within Owner project.
  • X2000 Reliability Improvement Task Force. Project with the objective to analyse, prioritise and implement improvements that have a beneficial effect on the reliability of the X2000 train. The task force consists of the owner (SJ), the maintainer (Euromaint) and the manufacturer (Bombardier Transportation).
  • X2 Upgrade Project. Long term engagement in Technical Upgrade Project for the X2 Fleet. Responsibility for Project management, RAMS, Requirements Management and Quality Management.
Statoil Norway A.S., Stavanger, Norway
  • Specification of a system for reporting of failure and maintenance records for offshore equipment (part of the new Statoil Maintenance System for offshore production platforms).
  • Evaluation and statistical treatment of the operating experience of offshore equipment.
SL Bansystem AB , Stockholm, Sweden
  • Fire safety study of old metro cars for the Stockholm Subway
Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Review of Safety Analysis Reports (ASAR)
  • Review of Probabilistic Risk Analyses Forsmark 1 and 2 PSA, Oskarshamn 1 PSA
  • Development of methods for risk based decision-making
  • Development of methods for analysis of external events
Turbec AB, Malmö, Sweden
  • Development of a Life Cycle Cost model for the Turbec Power GenerationPackage
  • Development of service and spare parts strategy and service organisation
  • Position as service manager
  • Development of training programme for operations and maintenance personnel
  • Design review and FMEA
  • Development of safety strategy for Turbec
Trafikförvaltningen, Stockholm City Council, Sweden

X15p project, Acquisition of new vehicles to the local railway Roslagsbanan.

  • Responsible Technical Project Management
Transitio AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Long term involvement in procurement, reliability and LCC questions (1999 - ).

  • Procurement of trains
  • Responsible for verification of reliability and LCC
Trafikverket, Förbifart Stockholm
  • Handover Coordinator
Trafikverket, Citybanan, Stockholm
  • Responsibility for Requirement Management within the project
  • Development of project specific models for reliability and maintainability as well as specification of related goals
  • Interpretation and realization of TSD requirements
Tågia AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Design and Safety review of door control systems
Westinghouse Electric AB, Västerås, Sweden
  • Introduction and use of LCC in the development of reactor internals
  • Tendering work involving LCC
  • Responsible for RAM & LCC in the Oskarshamn 3 PULS-project
Öresundsbrokonsortiet, Sweden/Denmark

Long term involvement in RAM, ILS, LCC and Safetyactivities of the Öresund Link Project between Sweden and Denmark (1995 - 2004).

  • Development of LCC requirements in procurement process
  • Responsibility for all reliability and LCC work on the Öresund Link
  • Development ofmaintenance plans and maintenance budgets
  • Manning studies for the toll station
  • Responsibility for the overall Safety analysis on the Öresund Link
  • Production of technical documentation
  • Responsibility for document review and transfer from Coast-to-Coast
  • Contractors to the computerised plant and documentation register
  • Responsibility for the data transfer to the Maintenance Management System and Plant Register for the Coast to Coast Installations
  • Development of purchasing specifications and procurement of service contracts for Coast to Coast equipment (communication, SCADA, CCTV, traffic control and railway).
  • Procurement and implementation of Document and Maintenance Management Systems
  • Responsibility for EMC analysis and verification
Örenova, Copenhagen/Denmark (Owned by Matra and ABB)
  • Expert advice on reliability, Life Cycle Cost and Safety for the Copenhagen Mini Metro Tender
Lectures and Seminars
  • Logistica Consulting is often invited to speak at seminars and courses in the area of RAMS, LCC and Product Liability
  • Courses and workshops on LCC, product liability, FMEA techniques and reliability analysis in general (general or tailored to company needs).


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